Cheap Dentures

Cheap dentures are known as dentures that can fit into most folks budgets as they are made with economical materals. One of the best benefits about cheap or low cost dentures is they can be replaced in a faster time frame than that with other kinds of quality dentures.

Both the dentures gums and teeth are less durable than other kinds of dentures, where the teeth chewing ridges may wear down. The gums of the dentures may discolor more easily because of the lesser quality.


Cheap dentures can become brittle

Once dentures begin to discolor, the obvious thing to do is to clean them with a denture cleaner. Some cheap dentures material may not be as easy to clean as higher cost dentures, and might be because the materials are softer than other dentures.

Cleaning Solvents

Some folks might resort to stronger cleaning solutions where they will let their cheap dentures soak for longer periods of time in a cleaning solution. Others might resort to a more drastic approach by soaking cheap dentures in a concentrated cleaning solution.

Overtime repeating the soaking of cheap dentures in concentrated solutions could result in a faded and brittle denture. As a result the denture can break easier because the strong cleaning solutions can dry the dentures plastic.

There may be some differences when caring for cheap dentures as compared to quality dentures. Quality dentures are dentures that are made with more durable materials, and cost more than other dentures.

Cheap Dentures

High Wear Materials

Cheap dentures that cost a few hundred are made from different materials than compared to dentures that cost a thousand or more.

Some materials are softer than others, and can wear down faster than others. Wear May not the only problem that may be encountered with cheap dentures as the softer the material, the more easily it can discolor. The soft materials can include the pink plastic and dentures teeth.

Discoloration could be another area that should be considered when getting cheap dentures, as the pink plastic can absorb food colors more easily. Some foods could be coffee, tea, or pizza.