Denture Impressions

Making dentures is done through precision, as the first part on getting new dentures is to get a dental impression of the current structure of the mouth. The dental impression material is made of alginate, an organic material.

The impression process is to record the entire structure of the top or bottom part of the mouth. Once the material is removed, it is used to make a dental plaster model of the teeth. Depending on what kind of denture is needed, the model is perfect for constructing a partial denture where there may be existing natural teeth in the mouth, and voids in the mouth where the partial denture will suit its wearer.


Dental Impression Putty

Before an impression can be taken, the soft-like putty dental impression material is placed onto a dental tray from which the patient will bite down into the material. Once the jaw is closed with the material in the mouth, the material will need a few minutes to harden just so that it can be removed from the mouth which will minimize the distortion of the material as it is removed from the mouth. The alginate must be removed very carefully and minimize the movement as much as possible. Should the material be bent or moved the recording of the mouth structure may not be a good fit to make a dental model.

Dental Impressions from home

While some may claim it is easy to remove dental impression material from the mouth by oneself, to make sure the material has recorded the structure exactly is a very tedious process. Dental professionals may use a wide variety of dental tools to help pry the material out from the mouth and those tools used may not disturb the impression material.

It is important to understand any change in shape of the material as it is removed from the lower or upper jaw, may constitute a not exact denture when used to make a denture. And also is very difficult for any individual to remove a dental impression from ones jaw without distorting the material.

Denture Impression

Other Dental Impression Material

In addition to alginate, there are other kinds of materials that are also used for dental impressions. Polyether and silcones are also used for dental impressions.

Making of Dentures

Once the impression material is removed, a dental model then can be created. After the model has been made, wax is then used to fill in the gum line, and manufactured teeth are added to the wax model.

In many cases, the wax model may already have the denture teeth that will be used to make dentures. However, the base of the denture which consists of wax, can be shaped to fit all the contours of the mouth precisely before the final stage of making a denture.