Denture Cement

Today, when a denture suddenly breaks because it is old, some folks resort to repairing dentures themselves using cement glue. While others may choose different glues such as super glue, and other kinds of glues that are known to mend broken dishes together.

While mending dentures together with glue is possible, there are a few areas that must be considered before approaching the repair by ones self.


Denture Glue

Dentures can be repaired, and can last a long time if done correctly. While it may seem like an easy task to just mend two or more pieces of plastic together, the real question is to ask how long will this last?

When a denture is repaired professionally, the denture is cleaned throughly, the rough edges between the broken area is also cleaned, and ground somewhat to be able to accept denture repair material between the broken pieces. Denture repair material is waterproof, and is more durable than any glues over the counter.

One of the reasons denture repair material might be stronger is that dentures are repaired with acrylic, a form of plastic that is applied in a liquid state, then hardens at room temperature. This process is also known as cold cure.

Denture Cement

There are many reasons why a denture breaks, and some of those reasons may be the calling for getting a replacement denture, than rather fixing the old denture.

Typically, low cost or cheap dentures may last three to four years, while medium and deluxe models may last between five and seven years.

The term last, can mean many things, however in this case is where the denture is still functional. That is the denture fits the mouth close to as when it was made, and the food can be chewed easily. Dentures may show wear signs on the top of the teeth, where the when new, the ridges which were ontop of the denture teeth were all visible.

With worn dentures, the tops of the teeth may be smooth and have no ridges. The ridges in the teeth make it easy to chew food and swallow food easily. Without these ridges in the teeth, the food might not be chewed properly, thus may make the digestive system work overtime. As always it is important to seek denture advice from a dental professional. Gluing dentures together may be a fast way to solve a problem, but may not last.

Denture Cement

Glue Poison

Some glues are more poisonous than others. Many glues that are poisonous have warning labeling on them stating the glue should not be eaten.

Those who repair dentures with a glue, may not realize that overtime when wearing their home fixed denture, the food they eat, and the constant exposure to warm and wet environments can help make the glue fall apart. The glue that falls off the denture is swallowed, and could cause some serious health problems.

Layers and Layers of Glue

While it is true, dentures can be fixed with any glue, use of glues may not be appropriate for ones health. In addition, once the bonding of the glue between the broken denture pieces fail, another repair migh be done, where a new layer of glue is added to the old dried glue on the denture.

This process migh be repeated several times until the denture cannot be mended back together because of so many layers of glue on the denture.