Denture Consultation

Denture consultations are perhaps one of the best features to find out what kind of denture will best suit the purpose. There are many different kinds of dentures available, including full dentures for those who have no existing natural teeth, and partial dentures.

Partial dentures suit the purpose for those who have a few existing natural teeth left.


Denture consultations help choose the right denture

Serveral topics will be covered during a denture consultation from which includes the health of the mouth through a dental examination, the possibility of preparing a immediate denture available for those who may need teeth extractions, and the discussion of the kind of denture in need.

Style of Dentures

In addition to the two types of dentures known as complete and partial dentures, there are different qualities. Each quality is more durable than the previous one.

On the economical end are dentures that are made with basic materials which can last for a handful of years with proper maintenance.

Medium quality and deluxe qualities are made with stronger and more durable materials, such as tiny fibers which are mixed in with the denture base.

These tiny fibers can reduce the chances of the denture from cracking prematurely. Typically dentures are made to last between five and seven years, and have been known to last much longer with attentive care.

The dental professional can explain more in detail about which qualities may suit each others lifestyle and budgetary concerns.

Denture Teeth

Selection of Teeth

There are many different styles of teeth, shapes, and colors. Also teeth are made in different qualities just like the denture gums quality. What is different about the denture gums versus the denture teeth, is the denture gums made at a dental lab, and the teeth are made by a denture tooth manufacturer.

Those folks who want to improve their smile could choose a whiter ivory than the regular ivory used for standard dentures and alike.

When selecting the right shade of ivory, the dental professional usually will use a tooth selection tool from which has all the different shades of tooth that are available. In addition, shape and size also might improve the cosmetic appearance of the face as well as the smile.